Sustained kitchen textiles


A damask tablecloth is often too beautiful to use, chances are you make permanent stains. That’s why textile-artist Sara Vrugt embroiders elegant stains on classic table linens: beautiful prints of glasses, knocked over cups and traces of sauce spoons. If the tablecloth is already “dirty” no one needs to feel uncomfortably careful at dinner. This characteristic linen promises a refined dining table at which you can feel free to move and laugh. SUSTAINED celebrates the imperfection!


SUSTAINED chooses specifically for vintage material as a basis. This reuse is an ethical choice, as well as an aesthetic one. Antique table linen is often more beautiful than new fabric because of the subtle materials and refined designs. Sara explains: ”In my opinion the fact that the linen has been used adds a dimension: It has been a quiet witness to a lot of romance, family crises and important moments in people’s lives before us. Each piece thus tells its own history.”

Download here a PFD With all the information on the kitchen textile line.

Photography: Rogier Chang